How to Prevent and Detect Oral Cancer on Time

How to Prevent and Detect Oral Cancer on Time

September 2, 2021

Early detection of diseases gives a better chance of getting treated on time before the disease gets worse. What most people don’t know is that you can’t know everything about your body. Getting help and consultation from the right people isn’t a bad idea.

Oral cancer is a kind of cancer that affects the mouth. It is a life-threatening situation that occurs when the cells in the mouth grow uncontrollably and then spreads drastically to other parts of the body if it is not detected early or treated on time. Oral cancer or mouth cancer occurs mostly in people over the age of 40, but younger people can get affected by oral cancer too. When detected early, oral cancer is one of the most avoidable cancers when it is noticed right on time. Sadly, due to the late detection of oral cancer, the number of deaths from oral cancer is higher than that of Hodgkin’s lymphoma or cancer of the cervix. According to researchers, 90 percent of people who get cured are the ones who were diagnosed with the disease. the disease early enough.
When oral cancer is not treated on time, it can spread to lymph nodes and other body parts.
Mouth cancer affects the gums, lips, cheeks, neck, tongue, the upper part of the mouth, and the lower part of the mouth which is located under the tongue.

Signs Of Oral Cancer

Mouth cancer early symptoms are not noticed easily without the help of a dentist. Although there are symptoms that you can look out for. However, some oral cancer signs can appear in parts that are not easily spotted or noticeable. Truth be told, you can not personally diagnose yourself with oral cancer unless you have seen your dentist and gotten a confirmed diagnosis. Nevertheless, you should notice abnormal changes that occur inside your mouth and other parts. When you notice these changes, you should see your dentist.

Oral cancer signs and symptoms are:

  • Growth or lumps inside the mouth
  • Persistent sore that appears inside the mouth or the lips and refuses to heal up in a week or days.
  • Difficulties while swallowing
  • Pains inside the mouth
  • Pains that affect the jaw and throat.
  • Weak teeth which seem like they could fall out anytime
  • Red and white patches inside the mouth

All these symptoms are not certain until you have seen your dentist. The dentist can confirm and make a correct diagnosis by performing an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer screenings are regular exams and dental checkups for oral cancer. Oral cancer screenings are included in normal dental exams and checkups. So during a dental exam, the dentist checks for growths or signs in the mouth that might lead to cancer and then performs a biopsy once a suspicion arises. You can get your oral cancer screenings in Hialeah.

Importance Of Oral Cancer Screening

One of the major reasons and importance of oral cancer is early detection of oral cancer. An oral cancer screening points out symptoms that are not easily noticeable. Also, oral cancer screenings are important because abnormal changes inside the mouth are thoroughly examined to know if there is any possibility that they might lead to cancer in the future. The fact that you don’t see signs doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check your dental health to make sure that you are healthy. Regular dental checkups are beneficial. Oral cancer screening has not been proved to decrease the number of people who die from oral cancer. However, early detection can be very important in getting treated successfully.

Causes Of Oral Cancer

Oral cancers begin to form when the cells in the lips and mouth generate changes that might spread to other parts of the body with time. Doctors are not certain about why the changes occur. However, there are studied factors that can lead to an increased risk of having oral cancer. They include:

  • Drinking of excess alcohol
  • Smoking cigarettes or the use of tobacco
  • Family history of oral cancer
  • Fragile immune system
  • HPV (human papillomavirus), a virus that can be transmitted through sex
  • Too much exposure to the sun on the lips

Oral Cancer Prevention

Apart from knowing the risk factors, knowing how to lower the risks are also important as well. To lower the risks of getting oral cancer, you have to quit smoking and the use of tobacco. Smoking is very bad for the health and can also cause other damages. Also, excessive intake of alcohol should be avoided. When you take so much alcohol, you make your body vulnerable to diseases and it weakens your immune system. Furthermore, practice proper dental hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth every day. According to dentists, brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing every day can reduce the risk of getting affected by all kinds of dental diseases. Also, eat foods that are healthy for the teeth and body. Oral cancer can also be caused by sexually transmitted diseases like HPV(human papillomavirus). To reduce your chances of oral cancer, exercise safe sexual habits. Visit the dentist regularly for routine oral cancer screenings.