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Emergency Dentistry
Emergency Dentistry in Hialeah, FL, 33018 | Family Smile Dental Center

Do you know what to do in a dental emergency? With medical emergencies, people understand that it’s important to get to an emergency room as soon as possible. Unfortunately, emergency room care is not effective in treating critical dental issues unless they result in another health emergency. Therefore, being unprepared for handling a dental emergency can delay proper and accurate treatment.

Our dentists in Hialeah, FL can help you prepare for dental emergencies and understand how to get help immediately. In this way, if you are experiencing symptoms that require emergency dentistry near you, you’ll know that Family Smile Dental Center is here to help.

How Do I Recognize a Dental Emergency?

In general, a dental emergency is any situation requiring immediate treatment—especially if bleeding is uncontrolled or breathing is compromised. Here are some common instances that are recognized as dental emergencies:

  • Excessive, unstoppable oral bleeding
  • Severe oral pain
  • Sudden, unexpected loss of permanent tooth
  • Injury to the mouth or jaw
  • Severe oral infection

The goal of emergency dentistry near you is to address and treat any life-threatening oral health conditions immediately. During an emergency situation, our dental team will provide attentive and professional care to treat your symptoms and restore you to health. Recognizing the need for emergency dentistry is the first step to getting proper and effective treatment.

How Do I Get Emergency Dentistry Services?

The first step in getting emergency dentistry services is not to ignore or postpone treatment if critical symptoms are present. Any delay in a dental emergency can result in life-threatening circumstances. It’s also important to understand who is at greater risk for emergency dentistry in Hialeah, FL. This includes patients who have had recent oral surgery, suffered an oral bacterial infection, or experienced an injury to the head or jaw area.

If any life-threatening oral symptoms are present, call our dentists near you immediately for emergency services. Our number should be listed and readily available with all other emergency contacts. Family Smile Dental Center is here to support and help you understand more about emergency dentistry near you. Make sure that you are prepared for emergency dental services if they are necessary.