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Parents are often overjoyed at seeing the arrival of their children’s baby teeth as a sign of growing up. Of course, the onset of teeth means that parents have the added task of overseeing their child’s oral health. In the beginning, this means teaching children proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Just as children are getting a handle on dental hygiene habits, their back teeth (molars) start to push through the gums, and permanent teeth start to arrive. These milestones present further challenges when it comes to avoiding the effects of tooth decay.Our dentists in Hialeah, FL can help protect your child’s molars. Family Smile Dental Center offers dental sealants near you for your child’s oral health.

Benefits of Sealants for Molars

Molars are designed to break down food through chewing. Therefore, they have many grooves and crevices on their surfaces, which can trap tiny food remnants. These food particles can be difficult to eliminate by just brushing and flossing—especially when it comes to children independently performing their oral hygiene.

Any bits of food that aren’t brushed away break down into acid and other material that causes tooth enamel to decay. Tooth decay leads to cavities. By covering molars with protective coatings known as sealants, our dentists near you can help reduce the risk of cavities forming in your child’s back teeth, which are vulnerable to tooth decay. Sealants in Hialeah, FL improve your child’s protection against cavities and their chances of maintaining excellent, long-term oral health.

Sealant Protection

With sealant protection offered by Family Smile Dental Center, parents can save time and money due to the reduced risk of tooth decay that might otherwise lead to cavities and dental fillings. However, sealants can’t protect against improper or inadequate oral health habits.

Both parents and their children need to realize that dental sealants are an added measure of protection, not a replacement for careful and thorough oral hygiene at home. Regular brushing and flossing are still necessary for oral health, and parents should take an active role in implementing and overseeing the best of dental care habits in their children.