Smile Makeovers in Hialeah, FL

Smile Makeovers

At Family Smile Dental Center, we believe in providing advanced dental treatments to our patients interested in improving the appearance of their teeth. This includes various cosmetic procedures for smile makeovers in Hialeah, FL, with Dr. Marioly Fernandez and Dr. Adrian Fernandez.

Smiles are essential gestures and important forms of communication among people. Therefore, how you feel about your smile reflects the way you feel about interacting with others. Since the appearance of your teeth can significantly lower the level of your confidence when it comes to smiling, a smile makeover is a rewarding investment in your personal and professional life. Our dental care team provides cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve the aesthetics of your smile and enhance your self-confidence.

Options for Smile Makeovers

Most adults have one or more teeth with slight imperfections or flaws. This may include teeth with chips, cracks, or stains. In addition, the whiteness of teeth diminishes over time. Unfortunately, some patients experience the loss of one or more permanent teeth, which may leave a noticeable gap in their mouths.

These situations are likely to impact how a patient feels about the appearance of their teeth and aesthetic of their smile. This can interfere with professional and personal relationships as well as their self-esteem and self-assurance. Thankfully, there are several cosmetic dental treatments available with our dentists in Hialeah, FL, to correct these issues and makeover your smile.

Some of these include:

  • Straightening teeth
  • Whitening teeth
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental bonding
  • Veneers

Consultation for Smile Makeovers

Dr. Marioly Fernandez and Dr. Adrian Fernandez offer professional consultations for patients interested in making over their smile. Our dentists near you will assess any current issues with your teeth and mouth and recommend procedures to correct imperfections or make restorations.

Smile makeovers are an investment in a patient’s future and self-confidence. Our dental clinic near you will ensure that you are pleased with the results of your improved smile and that you have the proper information and professional support to maintain and care for it. For more information about smile makeovers near you, contact Family Smile Dental Center.