ClearCorrect Orthodontics in Hialeah, FL

ClearCorrect Orthodontics at Family Smile Dental Center in Hialeah, FL, 33018

If you suffer from a misaligned bite or crooked teeth, then you have been on the search for a special orthodontic treatment that can give you the results you want, in the appropriate amount of time, within the right budget. Well, it’s time that you finally show off your smile, and ClearCorrect clear aligners are the newest option on the market today to help straighten your teeth invisibly without the use of traditional metal braces.

Clear plastic aligners have been growing momentum with older patients that are finally ready to take the step in getting the teeth that they’ve always wanted but maybe never knew they could have. That’s why ClearCorrect offers an alignment system in which clear plastic is used to move the teeth to an ideal position gradually.

What Is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect can be associated with the likes of Invisalign. While they’re not the same, they offer the same set of benefits and advantages over traditional metal braces. ClearCorrect makes aligners based on your doctor’s prescription and utilizes the skills of an orthodontist or dentist in Hialeah, FL in order to manage your treatment successfully.

How Does Work

The first step in finally getting ClearCorrect is to find a provider that offers this type of alignment system. If your primary dentist does not offer ClearCorrect, more than likely, there is another doctor near you that does.

Next, it’s time for you to get evaluated in order to make sure whether you’re a good candidate for clear liners or not. It will be your doctor’s job to take photos and x-rays of your teeth, use a scanner, or get impressions of your full set of teeth and submit this prescription to ClearCorrect.

Finally, the next step is up to you. ClearCorrect makes a series of aligners that are customized to apply pressure to the teeth that you want to move. Your doctor will periodically check the progress of your new aligners, and it’s important that you wear these for at least 22 hours a day. This is a way to ensure that you are progressing through your treatments efficiently and effectively.

Are You an Appropriate Candidate for ClearCorrect?

In order to find out whether you’re an appropriate candidate for ClearCorrect, it is important that you visit our local dentist near you . If you live in the Hialeah, FL area, then we at Family Smile Dental Center would love to schedule an appointment with you to get you on the track to straighter teeth.