Endodontics in Hialeah, FL


Teeth are made up of four dental tissues, including three layers of hard tissues that protect the soft center tissue called the pulp. Endodontics in Hialeah, FL, refers to dental care provided for the health of a tooth’s pulp and the tissues surrounding its roots. The health of the soft pulp tissue at the center of a tooth is important. This area comprises several nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues, all of which surround the roots of the tooth.

If one or more of your teeth are unhealthy at the pulp or root level, endodontic treatment with Dr. Marioly Fernandez and Dr. Adrian Fernandez is necessary to restore and save the tooth. Our dental care team at Family Smile Dental Center offers endodontics near you to restore your oral health.

Damage to Dental Pulp

Endodontic Treatment in Hialeah, FL, 33018 | Family Smile Dental Center

The dental pulp is vulnerable due to its nature as soft tissue. Thankfully, it is protected by three layers of hard tissues called enamel, dentin, and cementum. Unfortunately, these hard tissue layers can suffer damage and substantial cavities due to erosion through tooth decay. These layers can also suffer damage resulting from mouth injury, tooth fracture, or bruxism habits such as grinding of the teeth.

If the protective layers of a tooth are harmed, the tooth’s pulp is at risk of being invaded by bacteria. This can cause patients to experience pain and pressure due to inflammation and even infection inside the tooth. These serious oral health issues require endodontic treatment with our dentists in Hialeah, FL.

Endodontic Treatment with Our Dentist Near You

Most endodontic treatment involves root canal therapy to treat dental issues associated with the soft pulp tissue inside a tooth. Like all endodontic procedures, a root canal is designed to preserve teeth that are severely damaged, decayed, infected, or injured from being extracted.

Infection and bacteria inside the pulp of a tooth can spread to surrounding teeth and gum tissue. The condition will worsen, and dental extraction may be required unless endodontic treatment is performed. Restoring health to the afflicted tooth can preserve a patient’s overall oral health, function, and aesthetics.

For more information about endodontics near you, contact Dr. Marioly Fernandez and Dr. Adrian Fernandez at Family Smile Dental Center, our dental clinic near you. We look forward to your next visit!