Oral Cancer Screenings in Hialeah, FL

Oral Cancer Screenings
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When a patient learns they have cancer, it can be a life-changing moment. One of the keys to successful cancer outcomes is early detection. Unfortunately, it’s tough for patients to notice signs and symptoms in the early stages of oral cancers. This is why oral cancer screenings in Hialeah, FL are a vital part of dentistry.

Oral cancer screenings as part of a routine dental examination can result in early detection of oral cancers, proper and immediate treatment, and a stronger likelihood for positive outcomes. During your oral cancer screening, our dentists near you will thoroughly examine all areas in which oral cancer signs may be present. In addition to regular dental examinations and cleanings, Family Smile Dental Center offers oral cancer screenings near you.

Forms of Oral Cancer

Many people are unaware of the forms that oral cancers take and how they are detected. Oral cancer is considered part of head and neck cancers and is diagnosed as any cancer that develops in the mouth or surrounding areas. This includes the tongue, lips, gums, lining of cheeks, and the mouth’s roof or floor.

Oral cancers are treated in the same way head and neck cancer would be treated. However, early detection of oral cancer during screenings with our dentists in Hialeah, FL can be life-saving for patients.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Hialeah, FL

Oral cancer screenings take place during biannual dental examinations. Our dentists in Hialeah, FL will carefully examine the inside of your mouth for any sores or patches that are irregular. The tissue health in your mouth will also be checked for any abnormal signs, such as a lump. Your throat and neck will also be examined for any lumps. Our dental care team will maintain records about the condition and health of your mouth and surrounding areas as a future reference.

Oral cancer screenings play an essential role in early detection and medical health. They can lead to proper health care and immediate treatment to avoid cancer progression and other medical issues. Routine dental examinations are the primary means of identifying oral cancer symptoms. Contact Family Smile Dental Center for information about oral cancer screenings near you.