Dental Crowns in Hialeah, FL

Dental Crowns

Crowns are a beneficial and useful dental tool for patients of all ages. A dental crown is like a cap made of metal or porcelain that covers a damaged tooth. Crowns in Hialeah, FL can protect vulnerable teeth and provide cosmetic improvements to a patient’s smile, especially for discolored or stained teeth.

If you have one or more damaged teeth because of decay, disease, or trauma through injury, our dentists near you may recommend a dental crown. Crowns are professionally crafted to look like the original and natural teeth in your mouth. Family Smile Dental Center offers crowns near you.

Dental Crowns in Hialeah, FL

Dental Crowns in Hialeah, FL, 33018 | Family Smile Dental Center

Dental crowns serve several purposes in restoring oral health and functioning to patients with damaged teeth. Our dental clinic near you commonly apply dental crowns to teeth with cavities that are too large to be treated with fillings.

When it comes to severe tooth decay, our dentists in Hialeah, FL will remove the decayed material before making the tooth crown to restore the damaged tooth back to health. Dental crowns can also restore the health of worn, weak, cracked, or discolored teeth. Crowns also play an important role in dental procedures such as root canals and dental bridges.

The benefits of dental crowns are aesthetic and functional. Sometimes our teeth suffer significant damage due to decay, injury, disease, and other issues. With careful care, this cosmetic and protective procedure can last several years.

Dental Restoration and Care

Dental crowns can protect damaged and vulnerable teeth, improve oral function, and enhance a tooth’s appearance. Though dental crowns are a versatile form of restoration, it’s important to care for them properly. This means avoiding foods that are very hard to chew or sticky. Also, excellent oral hygiene habits can keep your crowns healthy and in place for several years.

Dental restoration is important for patients who need it. Dental crowns allow patients to eat and speak properly with a look that resembles their natural teeth. Contact Family Smile Dental Center, our dental clinic near you for information about dental crowns near you and other cosmetic procedures.