Which is Better: Invisalign or Conventional Braces?

Which is Better: Invisalign or Conventional Braces?

May 1, 2022

When it comes to getting a beautiful smile, alignment, and even structure play significant roles. If we talk about the correction of teeth structure, there are different ways available. Braces and aligners are among the most common methods.

There is a continuous debate going on the topic: which is better to have braces or Invisalign aligners? Although both the treatments are effective for correction, both have shown positive results in patients. This post will find out what is conventional braces and Invisalign and what is much better – Invisalign or metal braces.

Pros of Invisalign Aligners

  • Comfort to Wear

These aligners are made of soft plastic and create no discomfort while wearing.

  • Removable

They are removable. So, one can enjoy his/her food while under treatment, which is not possible if you are wearing braces.

  • Invisible

These aligners are invisible, which is the most significant advantage, especially for the young population. They refrain from braces because of their visible approach.

  • Easy to Maintain Oral Hygiene

Aligners at Family Smile Dental Center are removable and facilitate easy brushing and flossing. You can have complete cleaning of the mouth that will end the possibility of having oral diseases.

Cons of Having Invisalign Aligners

  • Not Applicable for Complex Restructuring

If your teeth are overcrowded, these are untreatable with aligners. For such complex restructuring, one needs to have braces. Aligners can only deal with the teeth that require slight work on them.

  • You Can Drink Only Water After Wearing Them

Invisalign in hialeah are made of soft and transparent plastic. Any colored beverage may leave stains on them. So, it’s mandatory to remove them while eating and drinking anything other than water.

  • Chances of Misplacement

As they require removal now and then, there are extreme chances for their misplacement.

  • Reduced Improvements

Aligners need to be inside your mouth for 20 to 22 hours to have desired results. But because of their removable characteristic, only a few people can manage to do that.

Benefits of Braces

Braces are metal wires placed inside your mouth to retain the distorted structure of your teeth. After their placement, one may have numerous benefits.

  • Best for Complex Restructuring

Some people have overcrowded teeth. Teeth that require a lot of discipline work to get their alignment correct. Because of the metallic structure of braces, removable properties work wonderfully.

  • Affordable

Conventional metal braces are traditional. So, they are pocket friendly. Apart from this, they are available at every dental place.

  • Available in Different Types

They are available in different types. Your dentist will suggest the right fit for you. Make sure to take professional assistance.

Cons of Braces

  • Painful and Uncomfortable

Braces are made of metal. So, their placement could be painful and uncomfortable until you develop adaptation to them. For the time being, you should be careful about what you are eating because certain foods could be harmful to your oral health and generate new dental problems after the removal of braces.

  • Noticeable

Other people can identify conventional braces easily while you wear them. In addition to this, it will create some disruption in speech also.

  • Food Restrictions

You are not allowed to take tough, sugary, and sticky food while wearing braces. As you know, they are not removable, food particles get stuck in them and may lead to other oral diseases.

A little bit of gum bleeding and cavities are common during the process because of no proper cleaning. Eating hard food can break the braces that arise in a dental emergency.

  • More Visits to the Dentist

Braces require fixation after a fixed time interval. Over time, treatment starts showing its effects. After some time, metal wires need to get tightened. One needs to go to the dentist to have it fixed. So during the process, one has to schedule many visits to the dentist’s office.

Overall, it is challenging to choose one treatment among both. Every person has their needs and requirements. For some people, braces can provide desired results. For others, aligners may work efficiently.

If you are in a dilemma about which one of them to have, you should discuss it with our dentist in Hialeah. The expert suggestions might work best for you. He/she will examine your problem and help you pick up the suitable treatment.