7 Interesting Facts and Benefits of Smile Makeover

7 Interesting Facts and Benefits of Smile Makeover

September 5, 2022

What Is a Smile Makeover?

It is a term dentists in 33018 use in cosmetic dentistry to refer to different treatment protocols that can alter a smile’s appearance. Smile makeovers near you concern impacting color, shape, size, alignment, and general appearances.

What Procedures Comprise Smile Makeovers?

There is more than one cosmetic procedure that can makeover a smile. It depends on the type of transformation you desire for your smile. The common procedures are:

  1. Teeth whitening – comprise any dental protocols that can remove stains and brighten teeth’ color. Some procedures for teeth whitening are enamel bleaching, composite bonding, and dental veneers.
  2. Teeth contouring – entails shaping and reshaping teeth to lengthen, shorten, smoothen or completely alter the size and shapes of teeth.
  3. Teeth replacement – tooth loss being a common global problem in dentistry, teeth replacement is crucial in smile makeovers. You can replace your teeth with dentures, dental implants, or bridges.
  4. Teeth alignment – the space between one tooth and another in the jawbone impacts the functionality and appearance. Therefore, a cosmetic dentist will attend to your teeth’ alignment during a smile makeover.

7 Facts About Smile Makeovers

Although many people are conversant with several procedures in cosmetic dentistry, not many know enough about teeth makeovers. Some crucial facts about smile makeovers at Family Smile Dental Center are:

  1. One procedure may not be enough for your smile makeover – although some patients require only one cosmetic procedure to transform their smiles, it does not apply to everyone. Most people need more than two procedures for their smile makeovers. It usually depends on your desired outcome relative to the severity of your dental flaws.
  2. Some procedures are invasive – cosmetic dentistry does not only revolve around quick fixes for your smile. Although some procedures are non-invasive and quick to complete, it does not apply to all of them. Sometimes your dentist will drill your teeth, and other times surgery may be necessary.
  3. Your teeth do not need to be damaged to benefit from a smile makeover – many patients who need smile makeovers have damaged and diseased teeth. Still, it does not have to be everyone’s story. Since smile makeovers are about improving your appearance, you can benefit from the treatments even when your teeth are healthy. For example, your teeth could be oddly shaped due to genetics. It does not mean that something is wrong with them, only that you can alter them to better your facial and smile appearance.
  4. It is not always about your teeth – smile makeovers often focus on your teeth’ appearance, changing their color, shapes, and sizes. However, a cosmetic dentist will account for other features like the gums during your smile makeover. Therefore, do not be alarmed when your dentist recommends gum reduction surgery to improve your appearance.
  5. It may not always be purely cosmetic – admittedly, smile makeovers are supposed to improve your cosmetic appearance, making you feel better about your smile. However, it does not always have to be about aesthetics. Smile makeovers can alter your teeth’ alignment, shape, and sizes to improve and optimize your mouth’s functionality.
  6. There is no age limit for a smile makeover – do not disqualify yourself from the treatment because you feel too old. Smile makeovers can benefit anyone interested in heightening their aesthetic appearance regardless of age.
  7. It is not a one-smile-fits-all thing – the last thing you must know about smile makeovers is that they are unique to every person. The treatments you would need to improve your appearance are dissimilar from those of other patients.

Benefits of Smile Makeover

If you are still in doubt that a smile makeover near you is the ideal route for you, consider the following benefits:

  1. High self-confidence – there is probably nothing that can heighten your self-confidence as drastically as a new beautiful smile.
  2. Promoting an appealing facial appearance – teeth makeover account for your facial features to accentuate the best things about your general appearance.
  3. Encouraging good oral health – if you have been struggling to care for your oral cavity well, perhaps all you need is a new perspective regarding your smile’s appearance. A bright, even, beautiful smile will motivate you to clean your teeth daily and visit your dentist routinely.