What You Should Know Before Professional Teeth Whitening

What You Should Know Before Professional Teeth Whitening

August 2, 2021

Do you feel like a whiter smile could be the confidence booster you have always desired? Achieving a white, bright smile is not an impossible ask in modern dentistry. All you need is to book an appointment with us today, to get a dental expert to whiten your teeth accordingly.

What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

It is the art of whitening the appearance of teeth by bleaching the enamels thereof. Teeth whitening procedures should be done by dental experts to ensure that the safety measures needed for such treatments are followed to the letter. Not only that but the effectiveness of teeth whitening done by a dental expert, cannot be compared to that achieved through other remedies at home.

Fast Facts About Professional Teeth Whitening

Before you try any kind of teeth whitening, it is paramount to study up. When it comes to professional teeth whitening, some of the facts you need to know as you prepare for your treatment are:

  • Dental cleaning is part of the procedure – while your primary goal is to whiten the color of your teeth, your dentist will begin with a cleaning session. The session will help remove any food debris in your mouth, as well as get rid of plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth. By the time your dentist is done cleaning your teeth, you will already notice a level of brightness in the appearance thereof. Dental cleaning is, therefore, an important part of the whitening process, given as one of the reasons for tooth discoloration is poor oral hygiene.
  • One treatment is not enough – during your whitening procedure, you may notice your dentist repeat the bleaching steps severally. Usually, one treatment is not enough for patients who have stubborn stains on their teeth. For this reason, a dentist near you will apply the whitening products on your teeth and rinse them off between 2-5 times.
  • The results are immediate – with professional teeth whitening procedures, you do not have to wait a few days or weeks before you can see your results. By the end of your treatment, you should notice an improvement in the color of your teeth, usually up to 4 or 5 shades whiter than the initial color.
  • You may need an at-home whitening kit after your treatment – although professional teeth whitening is very effective, all the stains on your teeth may not get off during your session with your dentist. It is rarely the case. However, when it happens, your dentist will recommend using an at-home whitening kit to continue the bleaching process. He/she will guide you on the usage and safety measures to employ. The whitening kit will entail using teeth whitening strips or a whitening tray that can help further bleach your teeth while at home.
  • The results are not permanent – as much as you fall in love with your newly whitened teeth, those results are not permanent. With time, your teeth will begin to get discolored again. It depends on the foods you eat, your oral hygiene standards, to mention a few factors. As such, determine to schedule for a repeat procedure after about six months or so. Ideally, the results of teeth whitening usually last up to about a year, depending on how you care for your teeth. Alternatively, your dentist can prescribe an at-home whitening kit that will also help you maintain your results for longer than a year.

Advantages of Professionally Whitening Your Teeth

Compared to the other methods you can employ to whitening your teeth, the following benefits are true about professional dental whitening:

  • High safety standards – the whitening products used to bleach teeth can be harmful to your gums if you do not use them with care.
  • Immediate results – after your dental session, your teeth will be brighter than when you came in.
  • Longer-lasting results – even though the results are not permanent, compared to other methods, professional whitening lasts longer. Most of the other methods last about three months or so before you need another treatment.
  • Improved oral hygiene – thanks to dental cleaning, you will leave the dental office with a clean mouth and a bright smile.