5 Benefits of Root Canal Treatment in Hialeah Gardens, FL

5 Benefits of Root Canal Treatment in Hialeah Gardens, FL

August 1, 2022

Experiencing tooth pain can be detrimental, especially if the underlying oral health issue is severe. Toothache is associated with decay, sensitivity, and other oral health issues, and our dentist in Hialeah Gardens may recommend you to undergo a root canal procedure, an orthodontic therapy. A root canal involves the removal of damaged or infected pulp cavity tissues to prevent further damage. Today, we’ll look at the significance of root canal treatment.

What’s a Root Canal?

It’s an invasive procedure that eliminates infected or decayed tissues from an inflamed pulp cavity. After removing the infected tissues, your pulp cavity is disinfected and cleaned. Then, your root canal dentist seals your tooth to prevent further deterioration. Finally, a dental crown or fillings can be applied to your tooth to restore your dental functionalities. Your specialist performs the entire procedure to save your tooth root from infection or decay and under local anesthetic to alleviate pain.

Why You Need Root Canal Therapy

Once bacteria attack your pulp cavity, the connective tissues are damaged, and further spread of bacterial infection within the pulp chamber causes a dental abscess. Your tooth roots develop pus-filled pockets leading to adverse dental health effects, including:

  • Bone loss or deterioration
  • Swelling that spreads to your face, head, and neck
  • Drainage issue leading to the formation of a fissure at the section of your tooth
  • Severe toothache

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Your root canal dentist may recommend you undergo the endodontic procedure to save your natural smile and take your food without restrictions. The treatment has a myriad of benefits, and some include:

Virtually Painless Therapy

A root canal is virtually painless, and you don’t experience any discomfort after the procedure. However, your recovery process will be fast compared to dental extraction. The advanced therapy requires anesthesia to suppress your pain, and your specialist will determine the ideal approaches to alleviate your pain during and after the process.

Tooth Loss prevention

There are several ways you can use to handle tooth decay or cavities. Tooth removal may occur if a root canal can’t address severely damaged teeth. However, missing a tooth predisposes you to potential dental health issues. Root canal reserves your tooth from further deterioration. Tooth decay occurs due to an infection on your pulp, and the bacterial infection may spread to the adjacent tissues and teeth. The root canal inhibits the action of bacteria.

Restore Your Dental Aesthetics

A root canal involves removing infected pulp cavity tissues and cleaning and filling up the pulp chamber with suitable material. After the therapy, a dental crown is used to restore your dental aesthetics. Crowns seal your weakened tooth enamel and provide you with an appealing smile. Your dental functionality is also restored after the root canal treatment. The procedure involves a holistic approach to preserve your tooth and transform your dental outlook.

Preventing Jawbone Degeneration

Unlike a dental extraction, having a root canal leaves your natural tooth intact. The procedure provides a better solution for dental extraction. Missing a tooth and bacterial infection exposes your tooth roots and leads to jaw bone deterioration. After a root canal, jawbone complications are prevented. Root canal preserves your tooth and ensures decay or infection doesn’t get to the jawbone. Missing a tooth may lead to jawbone degeneration after a prolonged duration. Your oral health specialist must use restorative approaches to seal the left gap.

Our dentist in Hialeah can preserve your tooth and jaw bone from further deterioration using root canal treatment. However, if you encounter tooth pain, it’s crucial to undergo an examination and restore your health. Tooth pain may result from gum disease and other issues, and you need to seek help from oral health practitioners.

Maintains Your Overall Oral Health

Persistent toothache and severe tooth decay cause severe pain and eventual tooth loss. A root canal preserves your overall dental health and prevents extensive dental health procedures. Additionally, a root canal prevents various issues associated with poor oral hygiene regimens, including heart disease, diabetes, and gastrointestinal infections. Your oral health affects your overall health.

Root canal therapy near you is vital in addressing dental heal issues and preventing tooth decay and cavities. At Family Smile Dental Center, we offer a comprehensive array of services, including root canal, to ensure you are safe from extensive dental procedures in the future.